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New zombie rapunzel
Likes Combs, brushes, hair spray
Dislikes Scissors, shavers, sharp objects
Favorite Color All wavelengths
Favorite Shampoo Paul Witchell
Favorite Hobby Reading Hairoscopes
Favorite Snack Locks & Bagels
Favorite Recording Star The Grateful Head
Favorite Way to Travel British Hairways
Favorite TV Show Brady Bunch
Favorite Motto Hair today, gone tomorrow.
Favorite Phrase Hair to the Throne
Favorite Subject Science & the Big Bangs Theory
Favorite Football Team Hairizona Cardinals
Favorite Book The Tortoise and the Hair

Rapunzel is one of the main characters of Once Upon a Zombie and is considered the peacemaker in her group of friends. Her long, flexible hair comes in handy for many uses, especially to escape danger.


Rapunzel is the go-between, the facilitator, the mediator, and the bridge between her zombie friends. If conflict is personal, she mediates, repairs, and helps find solutions. If the danger is physical during an adventure, her long hair is used as a means to escape and ward off danger.


Rapunzel has grey skin full of stitches and scars, purple eyes, and very long blonde hair. She wears a damaged purple dress with yellow accessories and is often seen with no shoes.


Her hair not only acts as a rope, a lasso, and other tools for escape and battle, but it is also a wi-fi antenna that'll allow communication with our world via the internet, mobile. and digital tablet devices.

Rapunzel is over-reliant on her hair for solutions. For instance, instead of using it as a wi-fi antenna to find solutions on the internet, she must also use her intuition and start to feel people.

Fairytale CharacterEdit

The character Rapunzel comes from a German fairy-tale, written by the Brothers Grimm, of the same name. The story was about how a couple, who was expecting a child, gives their baby away to a witch in exchange for some rampion. The baby, whom she named Rapunzel, was born one of the most beautiful children on earth and grows long, luscious locks over time. The witch decides to lock Rapunzel up in a tower that had no stairs or door. When she wanted to enter she would demand Rapunzel let her hair down and the witch would climb it until she reached the window of Rapunzel's bedroom.

In 2010, Rapunzel became a Disney princess in the animated movie Tangled. The movie remains the most successful film adaption of the story, earning over 50 million dollars at the box office and winning many awards and critical acclaim.


Basic Rapunzel Doll

The Rapunzel doll comes with a doll stand and heart-shaped brush. Unlike the artwork her hair is braided and seems to be a few shades darker. Her outfit is a purple princess dress with a gold belt and gold around the sleeves.


  • Her doll does not come with shoes


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